Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekly Round-Up #3

This meme tells about those books that you have borrowed, bought, or gotten for review! 

This week was a small but gooooooood haul! 

Won (From Rachel over at Fiktshun):

Masque of the Red Death by Bethany Griffin
Darkness Before Dawn by J.A London

In case you can't tell from the picture, that is an iPhone 4s.... I know it has nothing to do with anything bookish, but I figure that's where I tweet and comment on blogs sometimes too, so ummm I think it counts a little bit lol (The actual phone isn't in the picture because its what took the picture lol) 

What did you get this week??? Leave a link and I will stop by! 


  1. Those are pretty awesome books to win! I have an ARC copy of Maque of the Red Death I have been meaning to read for awhile. And congrats on the new phone! I am still iphone-less. *pouts* LOL
    You can check out what books I got this week here!

  2. Hi Nikki... N-I-K-K-I. Great spelling! :)

    I can't wait to read Masque of the Red Death and Hallowed. Heard great things.

    I LOVED Daughter of Smoke and Bone. I bought my mom a copy for mother's day from her "daughter of flesh and bone." I wrote that in the card and now she keeps calling the title that way. Umm, not quite.

  3. AAAAAAAAAAAAW. Darkness before Dawn!! So so good!! And wow and Iphone!! SO so good! :) :) I wish for an Iphone too :P :P Nikki great haul! Enjoy!