Thursday, June 7, 2012

Armchair BEA #4: Beyond the Blog

     Well, I've never even thought about expanding my blog to anything else, or monopolizing it and using it to make money. But I wouldn't want to do that because for now, its fun. Anything I have to do for money I assume is work lol and I don't want to consider blogging as work. Then I'd end up getting bored or annoyed with it. 
     But what I have considered is getting a career in the publishing world and/or in a library. At four years old (yes I said 4 lol) I told my mom "When I grow up I'm going to be a librarian." Amazingly, I never let go of that dream. I STILL want to become a librarian. But I have also found a new love of editing as I took on ARC's from NetGalley and other bloggers, or publishers. I know they say big as day *UNCORRECTED PROOF*, but I still think to myself hey this should be such and such. It's a bad habit, but good for practice. But right now, I am currently working towards a Master in Library Science and I am taking some elective classes such as Creative Writing and a small intern like thing for publishing is in my near future. So, as you can see, reading has been a huge part of my life since long before I started this blog. 
     So, with that being said, I guess I should add some random facts about me since I really didn't apply to the beyond the blog question.....

-I consider ALL types of reviews for EVERYTHING. Any time I am buying off line, or someone is telling me what I should read, or what food I should try, I ALWAYS consult reviews first. 

-I have a weird form of OCD. All my inanimate objects I must name. But only my electronics. (Example, My Nook =Nookie, my phone = Sophie, my laptop = Rayne and so on...) 

-I am a sweets FANATIC. My favorites are any type of sour gummy candy. 

-My real name is PATIENCE but I go by Nikki because no one ever believe me when I say it lol 

-I only drink cold coffee, but not hot. Unless my mom brews it and it has LOTS of creamer in it. lol 

-I am a HUGE sports buff. My undergraduate degree is in Mass Communication Broadcast Journalism with a Specialization in Sports. I LOVE ESPN and I am in love with all things NBA and NFL. (And Quidditch... But I didn't think that counted as much haha)

Well, that's about as random as it gets for me! Hope you enjoyed!


  1. I did enjoy! Great stuff. My husband does some editing for a catalog. He doesn't understand that they don't want me to correct all the errors I find in the ARCs. He thinks that's why they send them to us. It is hard not to...I don't think he could read one without making a list...but I've tried to explain, that's NOT what they give them to us for! My BEA Post

  2. I actually met someone else named Patience. At the time my wife came at me all hectic, I just looked at me and said:
    Then I got the turn-you-into-dust look only a loving wife could give her husband.
    At which point I said:
    "... meet my wife."

  3. I love that you name all of your electronics, lol. It kind of reminds me of that Friends episode, with "Stevie the TV". Anyways, I hope that you read your goals of being a librarian and/or editor!

    Happy ABEA!

  4. I like the way you think! If it pays me it's work and who want to do that? Why ruin the fun of my blog?

    Thanks for participating!

    Here's my beyond my blog post


  5. Good luck on your master's degree!

  6. I think your ambitions are amazing! I think if I were to ever go back to school I would be interested in library science but I just cannot imagine starting over in school. LOL

    I love your names for your objects! LOL I rarely name anything but my kids do so I end up calling their stuff weird names. (My 2YO calls his favorite blankie 'Meek'. No clue why)


  7. It's great that you're following your dream!

  8. Patience? Really? Woow, it's the first time I'm hearing this name :) Original, I must say :) And me too... I name my elecronic objects: My laptop's name is Chichi, my mini Eee's name is Baby :) And I love it!! :) Great post! And always follow your dreams ;) <3