Friday, June 15, 2012

TGIF & Follow Friday!

Sooo its Friday! Which means time off! And this week I was lucky enough to have the whole weekend off, so I'm super excited to just chill, relax, watch Glee on Netflix, and read :) 

So anyways, here's this weekend's questions:

Happy Father's Day! Who is your favourite dad character in a book and why?

Of course being the indecisive person I am, I can't pick just one. So, I'm going to go with three.... (lol no judgement please...)
1.The stereotypical answer of Charlie from the Twilight series. He just seemed so... well protective and loving. And he was always there for her. No matter if he wasn't around mostly for her. 
2. James from the Hex Hall series. He was just really great despite all the secrets he held. 
3. Lastly, I would choose the man from my favorite book EVER To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus Finch. He was so driven and determined and heart felt! He was AMAZING! 

So those are my favorite dads. Anyone else choose what I did? Or agree with why I picked them? 

From your personal collection of books, which ones hold the most value to you?

I would definitely have to say without a shadow of a doubt, my Harry Potter series. I know this is probably the answer for almost EVERYONE, but in all honestly, I grew up with this story. I remember starting this series when I was in the fifth grade and re-reading it over and over even then. Also because I have so many memories surrounding the series. For instance, I remember finding out that the Hasting's in my city was staying open until 1:00 am to start selling the Harry Potter book at midnight. I remember asking my mom to let our aunt take us, and when she arrived, she was yelling about winning $400 off the lottery, but I was still more excited about going to get my Harry Potter book! lol I was also the first one in Galveston to get it from their store, so I got my picture taken and was put in the newspaper. It was a great night. But my favorite memory of all is receiving all the books the midnight it came out and going home to tease myself and only let myself read one chapter before going to sleep. It was torture, but I managed it. Gahhh there's so many more memories I have, but I figure me rambling like this is enough lol 

What do you guys hold near and dear to your hearts? Do you have any special memories surrounding those books that are your favorite?


  1. That's such an awesome story about getting the HP book! Definitely memorable :-)