Tuesday, July 24, 2012

In Her Shoes #1

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah I know this day is normally reserved for Teaser Tuesday and Top 10, but this week's top 10 was one I had already did and the book I'm currently reading has been out since 2010, so it wouldn't be much of a teaser.... So, I found this meme on the blog: YA Storyteller I saw this meme and ADORED what it was all about, especially since its exactly how I feel as I'm reading. (As if I'm the main character.) So I think I will be participating in this meme on Tuesdays now! Hope you enjoy!

In Her Shoes is a weekly bookish meme hosted by Vanya at YA Story Teller. To participate, simply put yourself in the shoes of a heroine you've recently read about, and then talk about what you would do in her place, or what you've learned from her.

     For my first one, I want to use Jordan from Catching Jordan by Miranda Kenneally. (See my review for it here)This isn't one of my most recent reads, but I still thought this was a great place to start because in some ways as an athlete she reminded me of me
     Jordan is the captain of her high school's football team and the daughter of a famous football player. She is independent, strong, focused, and determined; the complete makings of a great football player. She's also sarcastic and has more fun hanging out with the guys rather than "catty girls." But somewhere along the way, she forgot how to be a girl. 
     What I liked most about Jordan though, was the fact that even through all that, she was still able to get a little girlish when her crush came into play. She ended up doing some journal writing and trying to dress a little more "girly" to show off her figure. It was a little refreshing after all the binge eating of spaghetti and burping she would do lol
     Jordan is one of those characters that gives empowerment to girls. In the real world we may not be able to play football as she did, but by reading this book, we're able to live out that small fantasy. (Well if you ever wanted to play football lol) Seeing Jordan in the captain position and being so good at what she does gives faith to women that anything is possible.

Have you read Catching Jordan? What did you think of her?


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