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This week's topic is:
A Freebie!
Top 10 Best/Worst Bookish Trends
*These are in no particular order.

1. Love Triangles: After Twilight EVERYTHING had a love triangle. Whatever happened to just having that one special person that you connect to? 

2. Vampires: Again after Twilight vampires exploded in pop culture. And then I grew sick of them. If you notice, I haven't reviewed a book with vampires since I reviewed Darkness Before Dawn by J.A. London

3. Missing Parents: Let's be real here, your teen years were when you got in the most trouble. There is no way your parents let you be by yourself and do whatever it is you wanted at that age. 

4. Stereotypes: The mean girl is almost always a cheerleader, the bad boy almost always has dark hair, the good boy almost always has the golden hair, and so on and so forth. Just once I'd like to see the mean girl be a random or a geek or something. 

5. Sex in YA: As a 24 year old, I'm no stranger to the hormones I had as a teen. I know the pressure that sex puts on them at that age. Reading this in books is expected. My problem is the way its portrayed. If you're going to put it in your book, make sure you add somewhere in there how to protect themselves. By letting them do it and having nothing happen to them can put the idea in teens' head that nothing will happen to them if they do it unprotected.

6. Mythology: I've seen a lot of books featuring gods and goddess and even more featuring The Furies. This makes me happy because anything dealing with mythology is sure to teach the reader about the myths as well as entertain them. 

7. Bad Boys: Do away with the love triangles, but not the Bad Boys! Smart alec remarks, broody looks, and all the hotness like EVER? Umm yes please!

8. Mermaids: With summer here, I would love to see more water creatures! Especially those that center on our fish tailed humans! I really love the books about the nice ones that center around romance.

9. Retellings: I love to read the original story and then see what kind of world the author can come up with in their novels. My favorite retellings this year have been (fairy tale) Scarlet and (plain retellings) The Madman's Daughter

10. New Adult: With me being 24, I love that most of these characters are closer to my age. I just wish the genre would branch out more to different genres than just romance. Maybe we can get the word out and it can become more than just a sub genre to romance. 

What do you think are the best/worst bookish trends in YA nowadays?