Monday, July 15, 2013

Book Blogger Challenge Day 8: Things that Catch my Eye!

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Good Books And Good Wine
Since this is such a cool idea, let's thank April for doing this! Big props to her. She's at Good Books, Good Wine and she made the entire thing up!) I know you would like to participate too! There will be a sign up on each day of the challenge. (Sign up here for the eighth challenge!)

15 Things that Appeal to me on a Blog! 

  1. Bright colors. I'll still look at your blog of you have dark ones, but its harder on my eyes.
  2. Humor: guys I LOVE to laugh. You have to be funny! 
  3. If you're not that funny but you have enough personality, I'm ok with that. Make it so that I know it's your genuine character.
  4. Comment replies: my own blog won't allow me to do it, so bear with me! But I like when people take the time to comment back to what I said. 
  5. You must give your honest opinion about everything. Even if its just a small simple novella. 
  6. An easy way to interact with you in other ways. A button on the side, a separate get in touch with me tab or something...
  7. No noises. Guys sometimes I'm at work blog hopping on my phone. Your noises get me caught and I don't want to have to explain why they heard some random noise or a movie trailer...
  8. Any huge things that could slow down your loading time. If it takes too long, I will grow impatient and move on.
  9. NO CAPTCHA! Guys I already wear glasses... I can't see very well. I almost ALWAYS get those things wrong. I give it one shot and if I get it wrong, I don't try again. 
  10. Memes or other creative features. I like to see what book bloggers can do when they aren't being so "professional" while writing their reviews. 
  11. Great layouts. I should be able to clearly read everything and see where I can go to get other information. 
  12. Links! I love when you add links to old posts. For example. If you're reviewing the second book in the series, put in the review somewhere a link to your review of the first book.
  13. Copying off April here, I love when the blogger has passion for what he/she is doing and it shows.
  14. Thier reviews: I love when someone takes their reviews seriously. I mean this is for people like me who really read them. I don't want to come across a review where it's JUST GIF's.... I can't gather any info from that...
  15. Pictures! Yes I read, but if EVERY post is just words, I probably won't visit very often. Unless you have like amazing books and do equally amazing reviews!
What appeals to you guys?!


  1. #14 <--- YES!!! Sometimes I read a review on Goodreads and it's just GIFs and quotes. I mean I love myself some GIFs but I would love to actually read what you thought about the book lol
    Great post girly!

  2. #14 x 100

    I want to know two things only after reading a review 1 - if you liked it 2 - why.

    I don't need glitter and animated gifs that give a certain reaction to chapter 12. I don't want a plot analysis and PLEASE warn if your review has spoilers. GAH!

  3. I love pictures on blogs too. And count me as another person who hates sounds on blogs...gets me in trouble as work as well. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Captcha is definitely the devil. :-) And I think I have pretty good eyesight and I still can't always crack it!

    I totally agree with judicious use of gifs and pictures. I think all text looks and feels boring, but also I am a visual person. Similarly, I like when a blog has some sort of clever/visual review system.

  5. Nikki one of my pet hates is noise on a blog too, at the moment my blog is making a sound/noise but I don't know WHERE it's coming from :(

    Day 8 Book Blogger Challenge

  6. I'm a little guilty of the "including pictures" one. I love it too, except these days if it's a post that doesn't include a book I don't want to use a picture that is copyrighted and it's hard to find one that is legitimately free. I agree with mostly everything else you have like NO CAPTCHA, humour, and honesty.

    - P.E. @ The Sirenic Codex