Beyond the Book: The Distance Between Us by Kasie West

This bookish feature is an original by me! I had the epiphany for this the other day when I was writing out my 15 bookish confessions. (See #7) A lot of times I like to go "beyond the book" and do something that will connect me with the book and characters a little more. This week will be my first one. It will continuously pop up on Mondays! Be on the look out for which books caught my eye and made me go beyond just reading it! 

The Distance Between Us
This Beyond the Book post is dedicated to The Distance Between Us by Kasie West

     This book brought about ALL the feels. I was happy at some times, super swoony at others, and at one time I was extremely LIVID. Now seeing as livid is a bit of an extreme opposite when paired with swoony and happy, I will explain. This book tells the tale of a girl who doesn't have much money who meets a boy that can buy her house three times if he wanted. They fall in love and everything is good, until her mom finds out. This brings up her mom's past hurt and they begin to argue and her mom says some very hurtful things. Here's a set of quotes that really got under my skin.
"People like him don't end up with people like us." -pg 252
"[S]he likes you as the girl who waits on her, not as the girl who is dating her grandson." -pg. 253
     (Now before I start, let's be reminded that this is fiction and that Kasie West wrote this for a fictional purpose. Do NOT attack her thinking that she supports this way of thinking. Read the book and then say what you have to say!!!) 

     I was livid with Caymen's mother when she uttered those words, but they got me to thinking about the world we live in now. The world where everyone tries to tell everyone who they should love. And then I got even angrier. 
     How can anyone tell someone who to love?! Just because its not for you doesn't mean that it isn't right. As I said in my review, "you can't help who you love. It shouldn't matter about gender, race, society class, or any of that stuff. All that matters is that you're happy." 
     There's so much hate in the world and I can't understand it. From same sex relationships/marriages, to interracial relationships/marriages, to different social class relationships/marriages, they are all based and founded in love. How can people harbor so much hate against that? I just really don't understand how everyone can be so focused on finding what they think is right for EVERYONE else that they have time to find someone that's right for themselves. *steps off soapbox*
    My reasoning for this Beyond the Book post is I can relate to Caymen a little because I was once in an interracial relationship for 3 years and living in Texas was so hard. We got jumped in Wal-Mart by a group of 5 guys and we couldn't walk down the street without having people yell out the window of their car "Look at that Jungle Fever walking down the street!" Mind you, at this time I was 16 and he was 17. It makes my head hurt. I may not know EXACTLY how Caymen felt since the "discrimination" was on something totally different, but I do get the picture. I felt like little to nothing when incidents like that happened and I can only imagine if it was coming from your parents. 
     Now years later, I'm in a relationship with a man of my race where we come from the same background and people STILL have things to say! WHEN DOES IT EVER END?! People will judge you over anything.
     When I was with the boy of a different race, I felt so degraded every time someone did those things to us and at the age of 16 we weren't able to handle it so we broke it off. Don't ever let someone make you feel like less than anything because they don't agree with your lifestyle or they feel the need to make stupid jokes about your lifestyle. Just live your life the way YOU want to and LOVE whoever the hell makes you happy! Love is an amazing feeling and anyone is blessed to have it from where ever they choose to get it from!

(Needless to say, her mother got it together in the end. Don't let those quotes deter you from reading this book! Its AMAZING!!!) 


Have you ever had such a connection with a book that you had to go beyond just reading it? 
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