Top Ten Tuesday: Popular Authors I haven't read :\

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. Each week we will post a new Top Ten list. Everyone is welcome to join.   

This week's topic is:
 Top Ten Popular Authors I haven't read yet
*These are in no particular order!

Mary Lindsey
1. Mary Lindsey: Yeah this is really weird considering I just met her and have two books signed by her.... One day I will get around to them both! 

Claudia Gray
2. Claudia Gray: I wanted to read Fateful so bad. I even checked it out from my library, but I just never opened it. I think I ended up getting a  huge amount of books for review around the same time so it kind of pushed it back further. 

Anna Carey
3. Anna Carey: This is another one that I checked out her title (Eve) from the library and never got around to reading it. One day I'm going to choose this as a cheat book. 

Sarah Dessen
4. Sarah Dessen: This one is even weirder considering how much I love contemporaries. And it makes it worse because I have THREE books of hers on my shelves. WHY HAVE I NOT READ THEM YET?!

Erin Bowman
5. Erin Bowman: Everyone loves Taken and I love the covers and I want to read them all, but at the time I didn't think I liked dystopians, so I just never got around to them. One day I will give it a try. 

Sarah J. Maas
6. Sarah J. Maas: This is another one where I wasn't a fan of the particular genre that she wrote so I wasn't head over heels to start that series. But now that I'm expanding my horizons and I'm hearing that series actually gets pretty swoony, I'm starting to think I need to say forget what I thought and read it!

James Dashner
7. James Dashner: I'm not sure why I haven't read The Maze Runner yet. It was still popular when I first started blogging, but it was never available to me. My library couldn't keep it and it wasn't at any stores around me. I just never read it. 

Colleen Hoover
8. Colleen Hoover: I LOVE NA, and I've heard that she can write some of the best ones. And although I own a few of  her books on my Kindle, I've never read them. I'm going to one day, because I've heard Slammed was realllllllly good!

Huntley Fitzpatrick
9. Huntley Fitzpatrick: Umm yeah another one where I didn't read it because I wasn't sure I liked contemporaries. And now look, they're my favorite genre smh I know that I missed out on something amazing on My Life Next Door and I'm going to give in and read it soon! 

10. Tahereh Mafi: Ok guys don't kill me. but I'm currently listening to Shatter Me. I do it on my work days where I have to be there in the morning before everyone and I haven't been scheduled for that lately, so I haven't gotten very far. But I'm finally going to get through it and see what all the fuss is about. 

What popular authors have you not read?