Monday, May 12, 2014

The Lovely and the Lost by Page Morgan

ARC, 352 pages
Release Date: May 13, 2014
Published by: Delacorte Press
The Dispossessed, #2
For fans of: Paranormal Romance, YA, Historical Fiction, YA, Gargoyles

     Ingrid and Gabby survived the Underneath. They saved their brother, Grayson, from a future of dark servitude and exposed a plot to undermine the Alliance. But danger still lurks in the streets of Paris, and the Dispossessed, perched on the city's bridges and rooftops, might not be able to save their human wards this time.


     I was so excited about this after reading the first one. Just knowing that Luc and Ingrid's story was going to continue was enough to get me excited. Then while reading the book I was reminded of this wonderful world that Page Morgan has prepared.
     You all know how much I loved the world that The Beautiful and the Cursed was set in. And because this one was set in the same world I obviously loved it just as much. It was so great to be back in this world. This book would be nothing with out all the descriptions of Paris around this time. And it made the read so much better.
     But unfortunately, I did not enjoy this one as much as the first one. I just couldn't get as absorbed for some reason. I think it had a little to do with the fact that even though they were different, there was no recap of the first one. I didn't remember anything that happened, so I basically had to go and skim the first one. Just to try and remember what the characters were trying to get together.
     I also didn't like the fact that there was really nothing happening. It was basically just a bunch if fluff and fillers. There was no horse and buggy scenes like in the last one and it just wasn't as exciting. Until the end.
     Now if there is one thing that Morgan knows how to write, it's an ending. This one was filled with twists and turns and surprises just like the other one. It really made  the book. Because as you saw in the last paragraph, I wasn't a huge fan of the middle.
     In this second installment to the Dispossessed series, I was a little upset. I was expecting to see a very intriguing story unfold as the gargoyles are saving people, but what I got was a classic case of the sophomore novel that could very easily serve as just a filler.
Overall, I give this



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