Friday, June 20, 2014

Follow Friday: The best books of 2014 so far!

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What are your favorite books of 2014 so far?

Falling into Place by Amy ZhangThe Truth About Alice by Jennifer MathieuOn the Fence by Kasie West
Tease by Amanda MacielSomething Real by Heather DemetriosRebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins
Maybe One Day by Melissa KantorPanic by Lauren OliverFaking Normal by Courtney C. Stevens
Cress by Marissa Meyer

1. Falling Into Place: It isn't out yet, but I really loved it. The  writing style was amazing and I just loved that story. 
2. The Truth About Alice: It didn't have the best ending, but I still really liked it. I hated how they slut shamed her, but at the same time, I loved all the emotions it brought out of me. 
3. On the Fence: I loved this book because I really connected with the MC. You will understand later, I made a Beyond the Book post for it! 
4. Tease: I really loved how this was told from the "villain's" POV. It was an interesting twist on what I normally see.
5. Something Real: I remember wanting this one because the cover was beautiful. And then I remember being happy I bought it because the story was so unique. 
6. Rebel Belle: The action and magic in this one kept me captivated until the end! Everything that she did and everything that she went through with an amazing Southern setting! How could I not love this one?!
7. Maybe One Day: This one gave me all the feels! I cried soooooo much when I read this. It will touch you in a way you never thought. 
8. Panic: Everyone says that this isn't their favorite Oliver book, but I loved this one. Maybe because it wasn't so heavy on the romance. 
9. Faking Normal: This is another one that gave me all the feels. I loved both the main characters in this one!
10. Cress: I'm not sure this one even counts since I was reading this one before 2014, but we all know how much I LOVE this series. It never fails to make me laugh and the action always has me hanging on to EVERY page! 

What were your favorite books of 2014?!

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