Friday, October 10, 2014

Follow Friday: Book Merchandise

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BOOK merchandise- show off some of your stuff- posters, t-shirts, anything you've got!
I love this question! Because I don't have much as I haven't been to many signings, but at the same time, I have a little collection of things that I have collected through giveaways, a few signings, some pre-orders I bought and some people that just love me! I have some shirts and some Catching Fire posters, but I left those at my mom's house. Don't want to mess them up on accident. 
     These are things that I got from people that love me. My sister got me the Hello Kitty because she's holding a book, she's one of my favorite colors, and she wears glasses like me. The card with the Twilight characters on it is from my momma. She saw it when the first movie came out and grabbed it for me. I've kept it on my shelf ever since. And that top left one is a huge pile of swag from my sister and other bloggers. My sister grabs a bunch of bookmarks from the library every time she goes for me. 
     This one here is all the swag and stuff I've collected from signings I've been to. The top is all the swag I've collected from signings. The bottom right is the VIR tote I got from Houston Book Rave last year. (That's Sophie Jordan's signature down in the pink.) And then the bottom right is the poster I got from Montgomery County Book Festival. Fire and Flood was one of my favorite covers of the year so I HAD to grab it. 
     This is from pre-orders or libraries. The top left is from a lady I worked with. I asked to buy it from her and she told me no it's fine she will just give it to me. A bag with a thick canvas like that and a zipper on it is worth way more I'm sure. The top right and bottom left are from the pre-order campaign for Isla and the Happily Ever After. I NEEDED the tote, but the stickers and the pins were a nice touch too lol 

     And this one is giveaways and my favorite swag. The left side is another HUGE thing of Swag that I have tucked away on a bookshelf that I've gotten from other bloggers. I'm waiting until I get my library in my future house and I'm going to put my saved swag in shadow boxes for me to look longingly at. And then there's my favorite swag in the right side. The Channel Your Brave bracelet from Courtney C. Stevens after I read and LOVED Faking Normal. I wear that bracelet whenever I'm doing something that normally frightens me. Look out for an upcoming Beyond the Book feature of it that I just recently did too :) Then there's my bookmark of Stay With Me by J. Lynn from Jenuine Cupcakes. She knows how much I LOVE J. Lynn and this series, and this just so happened to be my favorite cover so far, so she got it for me. I've kept it in the envelope, I'm too scared to bend it. And then last but not least, there's the two pins I have that feature Prince Kai and Cinder. We all know how much I LOVE the Lunar Chronicles series, so when I got this, I put this on my shelf and haven't moved it. 

What book merchandise do you have?!
Show me so I can DROOL!


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