Friday, October 24, 2014

Follow Friday: Bookish Deaths :(

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BOOK characters, sometimes our favorites, die during books. If you'd get to choose, who would you bring back?
*Please be advised this may induce spoilers.*

1. Tris from the Divergent series. (Mind you this isn't why I hated the last book, so don't think this is why I hated it. )

2. Sirius Black from Harry Potter. When he died I realized that he lost almost every father figure he ever had. He only had Ron's dad still around :( 

3, Augustus Waters from The Fault in Our Stars. Gahhhhhh the feels. No explanation needed. 


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  1. Heehee! Nice! I chose Harry Potter characters, but pretty much lumped it as all of the good guys who died! And yeah Tris too, though I didn't say the names for that since I know some people haven't read it, though I am sure they know of said event and that's why they are holding off. My sister is one of them but I don't think she knows Tris dies.

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