Friday, April 3, 2015

Follow Friday: Reoccurring Dreams?

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 have you ever had a REOCCURRING dream? If so, what was it?  
        I'm actually a really weird person and I don't remember any of my dreams. I have them while I'm sleeping, but as I feel myself waking up, it dissipates. There's nothing that I remember after that. Well besides the fact that I was having a dream. But sometimes, there is  something that happens throughout the day that triggers a memory from a dream I'd had, but I don't believe I've had any reoccurring ones. 

What about you?!

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  1. Same boat! I rarely remember my dreams, but every now and then have that moment in the day like deja vu! Occasionally I can remember a dream and all its weirdness, they're usually weird. But none have ever been reoccurring.

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