Thursday, June 11, 2015

READy to Talk #1: The Black Sheep!

READy to Talk is a new discussion meme that will come up few and far between, just when I have something bookish on my mind. Something that I want to get y'alls opinion on! 

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     We've all been there: Oh look! There's that new, shiny release that everyone has been RAVING about! You check Goodreads and see there are nothing but 4 and 5 Stars for it and everyone has loved it, so you know that you will too! You snatch it off the shelves, take it home and bust that baby open....... And after reading it, you're completely underwhelmed. What do you do? 

     From Urban Dictionary, a black sheep is "basically the outcast of [everyone] because they choose to do other things..." (I use that site for definitions more than I should lmao) In other words, you LOVE something everyone else thought was stupid, or you hated something everyone else thought was Book Crack. How do you handle this situation? Do you handle it differently depending on your rating? Do you post that it may not be for everyone? 

     Me personally, it depends on my rating. If I wasnt a fan, I wait a little bit to say I wasn't a fan. I'm a little scared to go against popular opinion. Sometimes I think it's me or my brain that don't work right or maybe I was being too critical. So once someone else decides that they weren't a fan either, its a little easier for me to post my review. 

     On the other hand, when I like something everyone else didn't, I try to post the review right away! That way there is at least one good review among all the bad ones. There are some people that comment and say "Did you really like it? Everyone else hated it." My reply? "Oh Yeahhhh" 

     So what about you? Does being the Black Sheep embarrass you? Are you a black sheep on a bigger scale? Do you not like certain genres that everyone else does or vice versa? Do you say so what to being the black sheep? 

Tell me what you think in the comments! 


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