Friday, January 22, 2016

Boats, Planes, & Trains... featuring Truthwitch by Susan Dennard

So one of my biggest reasons to name my blog Take Me Away was because I have never been many places other than where I've physically lived. To compensate I read many different books so I could visit them in the "literary sense." And now that I've read so many of them, I'm here to talk about my favorite ones. The best part about this... It can range from any genre! As long as I can envision it (or look it up on Google lol) I can see myself "visiting" there! 

Truthwitch (The Witchlands, #1)

     I'm starting with this one because I actually really liked the setting in Truthwitch! I could just picture the water spraying up on my face from hitting the rocks or even looking off the top of the lighthouse down at the water. Adding on to the fact that I'm from Galveston, Texas (where the beach is!) I can definitely relate to all that Dennard was saying about being on a coast somewhere. ESPECIALLY the seagulls hahahaha They have pooped on me and my friends a time or two and unfortunately I can relate to Safi and Iseult lol 

Here's what I envisioned:

     This picture (that I found on Google that's actually close to Galveston, Tx) was actually an embodiment of what I pictured a part of the Witchlands to look like. There's rocks and a light house and the water with the waves. It was cool because it was something I could relate to. 
     I know the light house in Truthwitch was connected to the coast, but for visual purposes, I'll use this one. I just love how the light house looks old, it's out there on the rocks, and you can actually see the spray from the waves hitting it. The only thing it's missing is the seagulls flying around and the cliff! 
     There is another scene that hints at a forest and a trail that horses are taken through. (I'm not gonna say why... As we talked about yesterday, NO SPOILERS) While reading this I envisioned that the trees were few and far between except in one spot and then in one area there were different houses for those in that certain clan. Obviously in this picture (that I also found in Google) it isn't dark and there aren't any houses, but imagine there were. Because of the the small trails, I could see the horses running through the trees. I can see this being the setting for further in on the Witchland coast versus the actual coast where the lighthouse is. 
     And last but not least, there's the ship! There's a very large part of this that happens on a ship and there's many other things that go wrong while they're on it, but there's so much that I envisioned in my head while reading this. Here's what best described it in a picture found on wiki. I'm pretty sure this isn't right, but this is really what I felt it represented. I can just see the water hitting the sides of the ship and having it rocking and roiling on the sea! And then after the "foxes" showed up, I just pictured it flat lol It was really funny to think about how best to describe the ship. I originally thought about when I was on the cruise ship, but I knew that was too much of a modern day thing. I knew that there was something that I needed something more from olden times. I'm not sure if I got it right, but it's a little more accurate than the Carnival Triumph lol

So there you have it! A few pieces of my favorite parts of the setting! 
What were your favorite parts of the setting in Truthwitch?
Any of the things I mentioned here?

Side note: If you didn't know,you can find some inspiration of the animated version on Susan Dennard's Pinterest under her Truthwitch folder! I found them to be really cool and very pretty! Certainly worth looking over! (There's also some really cool character interpretations there as well and they were all GORGEOUS! If you were a fan of this book, look it over!)

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  1. sounds like a very fun setting. I love the forest and the lighthouse pictures. Both places I would love to maybe I should read the book and picture them huh.

    1. Yes! This book was good and the setting was beautiful in my mind! I'm sure you'd like it too!