Thursday, January 21, 2016

READy to Talk #4: Spoilers, Excerpts, and Chapter Reveals, OH MY!!!

READy to Talk is a new discussion meme that will come up few and far between, just when I have something bookish on my mind. Something that I want to get y'alls opinion on! 

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     Spoilers, Excerpts, and Chapter Reveals, OH MY! This time I'm talking about all three of these things! For me, they're all equivalent. I don't want to know ANYTHING about the book before it comes out because I am way too impatient. I know people aren't the same as me, but I like to go in knowing NOTHING!  lol 

     Chapter Reveals: By chapter reveals I mean the first chapter of the next book in the series that may be found in the back of a book. Or those that the publisher releases a couple weeks before release date. Most times they are given by the author or publisher for those like me that are impatient. But unfortunately for me, I'm not a huge fan of them. I don't read them because I don't like to get invested in the book and then it just cut off. I don't like to keep thinking about something that I can't get the rest of lol Especially with a series or book by an author that I really love! For instance, the Lunar Chronicles series. The first chapters of Winter were in the back of Fairest and I basically tortured myself reading them because I couldn't wait that long lol 
Do you read Chapter Reveals?
Anyone else NOT read Chapter Reveals? 
Why or Why Not?

     Excerpts: By excerpts I mean having a random place in the book where the author has released to the public. Most times it's funny or maybe even sad. I don't read them because just NO. lol Just like wwith the excerpts I'd rather just have nothing at all. I know some people like them and say that they help them decide how they feel about the book, but I just can't read them. I'd rather not risk the fact that there may be a spoiler.
Do you read excerpts?
Anyone else NOT read excerpts?
Why or Why not?

     Spoilers: Anything major about the plot twist that you find out before you've even cracked the book. Can be found on Twitter, Tumblr, Goodreads, in quotes, etc. These are tricky because they have so many places they can be found. I once went to a bookish event where the teen girls were talking too loud about the book. I once found someone on Goodreads who added a quote but it contained a spoiler. And last but not least, when people just "assume" that everyone's already read it and talk about it freely without tagging them... (This was the reason I waited so long to read the Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins) Yeah, that irks me. But then again, I know some people who actively seek them out. And that really scares me lol I think it scares me more than those that read the last page first lol I just can't do it. 
Do you read / actively look for spoilers?
Do you avoid them like the plague lilke me?
Why or why not? 

So what about you guys? Do you like these things? What makes people even post spoilers? Are you the person that actively seeks these things out? Would you rather wait for a long time than only have a snippet like me? 


  1. okay so i don't mind knowing some things like... just what the back of the back says. Everything else I don't want to know. I want the surprise the shock the awe moments. I hate spoilers in reviews. I try so hard to keeping anything vital to the story locked away. I talk about what I liked or didn't like not recap the entire book. I wouldn't need to read a book if i already read a recap.

    chapter reveals.... um maybe one I have read in my entire life because I was just so impatient and it was on audio right after the other book..... when I listened to fairest i couldn't stop myself from the first few chapters of winter. All chapter reveals do is make you want to read more and make it harder to wait.

    I barely read excepts because.... well I just don't really know for sure all that is going on and it feels like I just easedropped a private converstaion not meant for my ears. so yea don't read those.

    1. I'm exactly like you! I only read the back of the book/ book flaps. And Heaven forbid if there's spoilers on there too lol I probably wouldn't read the book. But as far as my reviews, I RARELY put them in there, but if I do, I tag it or even sometimes "white it out." And that's only if my rambling wouldn't make sense without it. But I do put a description in my review. But most times it's only based on what the back of the book says. Not really anything huge!

      Thanks for your input!
      -Nikki H.

  2. I agree with everything except the stuff about spoilers. I actively seek out spoilers. I've intentionally spoiled things for myself because I couldn't take the pressure. But I'm weird like that. I know most people don't like spoilers. I try really hard not to spoil anyone except myself. When I update on Goodreads I try to make it generic and when I post pictures to Instagram I try and make sure it doesn't give anything away. I've probably slipped up at one point or another but I try to be good. Especially in reviews. Sometimes it's so hard to not talk about the book without mentioning spoilers but I'm often proud of myself when I can do that.

    As for the other two, I am such a sucker for chapter reveals and samplers but I often regret reading them. They're such a tease. Honestly the shorter the better. I can handle a chapter or two of an anticipated read but the first 100 pages is often worse. And I could absolutely live without excerpts. They just seem like even more of a tease.

    Great discussion!
    Cassi @ My Thoughts Literally

    1. OMG! lol I literally gasped out loud hahaha I could never do that. Part of the reason I like to read is trying to find out how the characters get to the end. I'm not always a huge fans of endings, I need the middle part! There's no way I'd be as into reading as I am now if I was to spoil myself!

      And yes the others are just teases! I can't waste my time with wishing and wanting those books when I have 204506988759525555 other books on my TBR lol And then what happens if I loved it and can't get my hands on it any other way? I'll just keep thinking and thinking about it lol

      Thanks for your input!
      -Nikki H.

  3. I actually don't mind any of those above things. LOL. I usually spoil myself alot of the times because I simply cannot wait to find out what happens. I find that I read easier when I already know. LOL.

    As for chapter and excerpt reveals, they don't really bother me too much. Sometimes I like going in not knowing anything, but it depends on the book. Sometimes I feel better knowing a little bit before I spend the time on a book.

    1. OMG! I literally gasped out loud again! (See above lol) I didn't know so many people did this! I thought it was like 1 in 5 lol There's no way I could do that haha And I guess the others wouldn't bother you if you can spoil yourself lmao

      Thanks for your input!
      -Nikki H