Friday, March 4, 2016

Follow Friday: A letter to my favorite author(s)!

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The goal is to increase blog followers and make friends. Basically how it works is you follow them, they follow you. Win. Win. So looking forward to making new blogging friends & following blogs!

write a letter to your favorite  author
    Dear J.K. Rowling, JLA, and Marissa Meyer,
                 JKR: Your story of how you began Harry Potter amazes me. I use it as motivation. You were a huge part of my childhood and I can't say thank you enough. I remember reading the first book when I was in the 5th grade. Now I'm on my third semester as a graduate student and I have the audiobook on hold at my library to relive again. This timeless story will always be a part of me. Thank you so much for not giving up. Thank you so much for BEING A BOSS!!!!
               JLA: You write faster than anyone I've ever seen. And I'm so happy you do lol I can read anything and everything you write over and over again. But really, with just your books you have taught me so much. Before I read your Half-Blood series I don't ever remember being as into mythology as I was then. With a YA book you taught an adult more about mythology than her college classes lol And of course you are amazingly sweet. I have met you several times now and each time you've looked past my awkwardness and signed all my books and talked about all my tabs in them. Thank you so much for the memories! (Best memory... I met you on my birthday one year with a tiara on at the signing and you gave me Aiden as a birthday present in my copy of Sentinel!!!!)
               MM: You have given me a chance to visit a super awesome new world and thank you for it. And to think it started as a NANO project. For you to go from NANO to a best seller list gives me more motivation than you could ever imagine. Also, you're so amazing and so sweet! I remember meeting you on Cress' launch tour and you signed my Scarlet copy by saying "Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Evidently not you!" And getting to be in the back of Scarlet for spreading it's amazingness is obviously one of the most coolest moments of my blogging career! Thank you and Fierce Reads for making it possible. 
                 So, I think instead of fangirling I kind of went and got all sappy. I swear I didn't mean to, but I really just want to tell these ladies thank you for all they've contributed to the literary world! 

And here's something just to throw on at the end!!!

Can you see my tiara in the pic of me and JLA? This was the first time I had met her and I think I was crying here so I told my mom to take a pic from the side lmao And here's where she gave me Aiden for my birthday!

Obvioously this one is way better! This is my most recent picture with her from RT in Dallas last year. This is where I was super embarrassed by all the tabs I have in her book and she assured me that she loved them and not to be embarrassed! 

Here is all my signed books from Marissa I had at that  time during the Cress tour! 

And when I met her, I was so glad I waited until after the picture to cry because I was not messing up this picture like I did the first JLA picture I had! ! LOL

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