Thursday, March 24, 2016

READy to Talk: Reviewing Books you Love Vs. Reviewing Books you Didn't Care For!

READy to Talk is a new discussion meme that will come up few and far between, just when I have something bookish on my mind. Something that I want to get y'alls opinion on! 

     Last few times I wrote a READy to Talk post they were more focused on just readers featuring things like being the Black Sheep or Chapter Reveals, Spoilers, or Excerpts. But today's is mainly focused on reviewers. Today I'm talking about reviewing the books you love versus reviewing the books you don't care for. This topic came up because a fellow blogger Andi from Andi ABC's brought up on her Twitter the other day. I'd never thought about it until then, but once I did, I realized I was the opposite of most everyone out there. 

Here's what Andi said on Twitter: 

     I almost replied "IKR" but then I thought about it. I'm the opposite. I find it harder to write about things I DIDN'T like versus things I did like. 

     I write so much about those I DID like because I want people to know all the things about the book. Anything that can help show people that I loved this book and they will too. I want to write about EVERYTHING in it that I loved and convince people that even if they don't like the genre or author or whatever, they may still like this one. But on the other hand I've heard that others don't want to appear rambly... That's what I like about it haha I like to go on and on about things I love. I need people to understand my crazy over a book. In my family, I only share reading YA with my mom, so sharing with you all is where I can talk about all the things all the time. [Example of a review of a book I loved: The Shadow Queen by C.J. Redwine.) 

     On the other hand, I find it so hard to write a review about a book I didn't like. Reason being, I DNF alot. Like ALOT, ALOT. lol I don't like to write about things I don't really know, but at the same time I still want the world to know exactly why it didn't work for me in the small part that I DID. Also I always put at the end that "just because it didn't work for me, it might for someone else" so I don't completely deter them from reading. But in the case that I only like it a little bit (2 stars), I find it hard to write about it too. I just don't care to keep talking about it. Plus, I don't want to write something that can offend anyone. (I'm 100% pro freedom of speech, but I get anxious over confrontation.) So, I end up just writing a little bit to get something down and then letting it go. [Example of one of my DNF reviews: A Madness So Discreet by Mindy McGinnis)

(Admission: Some of my earlier reviews may reflect something different than what I've written here, but at that time, ALL my reviews were short so I'm not sure that counts lol) 

So, what about you? 
Do you find it harder to write about books that you love or books you dislike? 
Why is that? 
Let me know in the comments!


  1. Interesting that you find it harder to write about books you didn't like. It's the opposite for me. Writing reviews for books I loved is the most difficult thing. I feel like I'm honestly just writing a love letter to the book/author. When I write reviews about books I didn't like, it's easy because I list what I didn't like about them. To me, talking about what I didn't like is easier than saying everything was great, perfect, I want more!, etc. It's all preference though. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    - Elizabeth @ Book Yabber

  2. 1. That Jim Carry meme is hilarious! Lol
    2. Agreed!! It's easier for my to gush about all the reasons others should check out a book but when it's a book I didn't care for, I'm not sure where to start. I'm new to the book blogging world so maybe it'll evolve in time

    Hope to connect with a fellow book lover :)

    1. FINALLY SOMEONE WHO AGREES WITH ME! You're the only person who understands so far! lol I've seen so many people say the opposite, I felt like something was wrong with me haha

      And welcome to the book blogging world! It's definitely a great place! Hope you find out about some wonderful books and even more wonderful people!

      Thanks for stopping by!
      -Nikki H

      PS Thanks for leaving your link! I will stop by soon!

  3. I have a really hard time reviewing books I didn't like. I feel that I am tearing it down and have a hard time with that. Someone spent a lot of time and someone will like it just not my cup of tea kind of thing. Its hard for me. Plus I always have more to say about what I love. I like to gush. its more fun. I actually have the hardest time with books that were right in the middle. I liked them alright but didn't love them. It's like I don't know what to say. satisfying read but didn't knock my socks off.