Monday, March 17, 2014

Beyond the Book: Panic by Lauren Oliver

This bookish feature is an original by me! I had the epiphany for this the other day when I was writing out my 15 bookish confessions. (See #7) A lot of times I like to go "beyond the book" and do something that will connect me with the book and characters a little more. It will pop up on Mondays! Be on the look out for which books caught my eye and made me go beyond just reading it!


“The rules of Panic are simple. Anyone can enter. But only one person will win.”

     So I got this idea from watching that video on YouTube that the Epic Reads girls made on what makes people panic...
     And naturally, I started thinking of things that made me panic. And then I thought of BOOKISH things that made me panic. And my list got kind of out of control lol Today for my Beyond the Book I'll share the bookish things that make me panic! 

Bookish Things that make me PANIC:

  • Dog-earing pages
  • Food on the pages
  • Writing on pages (if you're not the author and signing it.) 
  • Broken spines 
  • Bookmarks that leave marks on pages
  • Random pen or pencil marks on pages
  • Paperbacks with super ugly torn spines
  • Bent pages and/or covers from being tossed around in a bag
  • Library bindings on books that you own (I received one from Amazon once before and I hated it. I still haven't read it because of that lol)
  • Purchasing a book because the cover is GORGEOUS, but then reading it and discovering that you in fact don't like the content
  • Being super excited about a book and it not being what you actually wanted it to be
  • Reading a series ender 
  • Second hand embarrassment/anger (Whatever upsets the MC normally gets to me too lol)
There are more I'm sure, but this list is already embarrassingly long lol I guess I'll stop here!

What bookish things make you Panic?!

Have you ever had such a connection with a book that you had to go beyond just reading it? 
Join me on Mondays with Beyond the Book!  


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