Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Top Ten Books I'd Give to Readers who have Never Read Heavy Issue Contemps!

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This week's topic is:
 Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books I'd Give to Readers who have Never Read "x"!
*These are in no particular order!

Considering I asked this exact same question when I started blogging, I'm going to go with Issue Filled Realistic Fiction! I used to only be a fan of paranormal romance and only because I needed that action factor, so I asked what books did I NEED to read if I was looking to dive into some realistic fiction. and for the most part, these are some of the answers I got! Then I got sucked into the world of bigger issues, boohooing while feeling ALL THE FEELS,  and seeing that even books don't always have a happily ever after. And then, a love for the genre was born! 

My Life Next Door (My Life Next Door, #1)Maybe One DaySecond Chance Summer
GoldenMy Life After NowHow to Love
The Sky is EverywhereFaking NormalThis Song Will Save Your Life
Something like NormalThousand Words
Yes I know that's 11. *Shhh* 

1. My Life Next Door took hold of my feels a lot more than I thought it would. And it featured a really beautiful romance. This was truly an amazing story. (Health, Love)

2. Maybe One Day is all about a wonderful friendship. Let's just say, I went through a whole packet of tissues at the end of this one! (Health)

3. Second Chance Summer is all about a girl getting a second chance with her family and some of her friends. This is another one that will have you in tears. (Health)

4. Golden is all about a girl who is trying to find herself. She was sick of listenting to everyone else, she needed to find out what SHE wanted. (Growth)

5. My Life After Now is all about a young girl finding herself sexually. She comes in contact with a disease she cannot get rid of and she has to learn to love with it. (Health)

6. How to Love is all about a teenage girl who had a child and is struggling to raise her on her own. And then the baby's dad comes back around and everything goes haywire. (Teen pregnancy)

7. The Sky is Everywhere is all about a girl who has lost someone. Throughout the entire novel it is evident how hurt and upset she is. It will break your heart right along with hers. (Grief)

8. Faking Normal is all about two people that both go through some traumatic events. They fall for each other to help them cope and they end up falling in love. (Trauma)

9. This Song Will Save Your Life is all about a teen who's life is saved, all from learning to DJ. (Depression)

10. Something Like Normal is all about a soldier who is home from war and has PTSD. (PTSD)

11. Thousand Words is all about a teen that is caught sexting. I can't tell you how relevant this is in today's time! (Sexting)

There's still so many more that I want and need to read! Like more of Jessi Kirby's work (Moonglass and In Honor especially), almost ALL of Sarah Dessen, The Mockingbirds by Daisy Whitney, Shine by Lauren Myracle, and especially Hate List by Jennifer Brown!  And for the record, The Fault in Our Stars isn't on here because I assumed that since the movie came out, everyone had either already read or saw it so it doesn't really count lol But it really fits in this category too! 


  1. Nice picks! All new to me since I don't read this genre!

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  2. These are all on my TBR! I am most excited about How To Love. I need that book in my life!