Friday, April 8, 2016

Boats, Planes, and Trains #5: featuring In Real Life by Jessica Love!

So one of my biggest reasons to name my blog Take Me Away was because I have never been many places other than where I've physically lived. To compensate I read many different books so I could visit them in the "literary sense." And now that I've read so many of them, I'm here to talk about my favorite ones. The best part about this... It can range from any genre! As long as I can envision it (or look it up on Google lol) I can see myself "visiting" there! 

     This book is set in Vegas! How could I NOT feature this one?! Especially since I've never been there! I'm glad I got to experience all the lights and things in a book since I haven't been able to do it "In Real Life!" (Pun intended.)

Here's What I Envisioned:

Luckily I didn't have to do much imagining. This one came with all real places! I was able to look at pictures and help my mind travel to Las Vegas!

Image result for planet hollywood las vegas

     The first place I wished I visited was Planet Hollywood. From the memrobilia in the rooms to the bars to the casinos it just seemed like a huge amazing place. Just looking at the outside makes me wish I was there! I would love to see if there's a "Pitch Perfect room too!" lol 

     Then there's the House of Blues where the band opens! If this is how the place really looks, who tf cares that all the band did was open for another one?! This places looks bad ass! Also it looks like anyone that performs there is a big timer! But what's with the tree though? lol

Image result for paris las vegas hotel

     Another hotel mentioned is the Paris Las Vegas hotel. It stood out to me because there was a certain something that happens at the very top of the Eiffel Tower! After looking up pictures I can clearly see it happening and it made it even better and even more heart breaking. Also she mentioned that the Planet Hollywood was next door and of course I had to look it up! And sure enough it was there! That's really cool to me!

Image result for wheel of fortune las vegas

     Lastly, I wanted to throw this one in there as well because something big happens at the Wheel of Fortune slot machine! I wouldn't have known how to act if that had happened to me. But then again, I'm not sure it would've happened because at the time I would've been yelling at that person, not giving him money........... 

So there you have it! A few pieces of my favorite parts of the setting! 
What were your favorite parts of the setting in In Real Life?
Any of the things I mentioned here?

Thank you Love for taking me to "Nevada" even though I've technically never been! It was really interesting to see what it might look like through the eyes of your characters.

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