Saturday, January 24, 2015

National Readathon Day! Make #TimetoRead

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     Today is National Readathon Day! Penguin Random House paired with other organizations has decided to use this day as a day where people can set aside a certain time (12pm-4pm) to do nothing but read! They are looking for donations to help fund the education, tutoring, and make sure that people develop and keep a love for reading. As some of you may know, the failing literacy rate is part of the reason I want to become a YA librarian, so this day will mean something very special to me. So because of that, I will be doing more than just the 4 hour readathon and will spend my Saturday right here:

I've made a 24 Hour Readathon for myself to celebrate this new national day! You should participate! If not, you can always use the hashtag #timetoread to keep Penguin Random House updated on your progress! 

Will you be participating in this Readathon?
Where will you be spending today reading?

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  1. Yup, I'm Participating with my Hubby. We'll be reading from our mismatched recliners. I'm going to read Private Vegas by Patterson and probably won't stop at 4 hours either. :)