Saturday, August 23, 2014

If I Stay (The Movie)

PG-13, 106 minutes
Release Date: August 22, 2014

     Life changes in an instant for young Mia Hall after a car accident puts her in a coma. During an out-of-body experience, she must decide whether to wake up and live a life far different than she had imagined.


       Way back when, when I first read this book, I was new to blogging and still trying to figure out which books people wanted to see on my blog. This book kept popping up so I decided to give it a try. Now, I cringe looking at my review from way back then, because I didn't do the book justice. Like at all. And oddly, even with some reviewing years under my belt, I feel like I won't do the movie justice either. It was just that good. 
     To get it out of the way, I will applaud them on how close they stayed to the book. There were some things different, but I think they were used to help the story in case they don't make the sequel. (But I'm PRAYING they do!) Well that's what I think anyways. But I really did like how close they made it. And to top it off, my favorite scene from the book made it into the movie so I was extremely excited. That's really all that I was hoping for. (If you're wondering, my favorite scene is what he said to her after Halloween...) 
     I also liked how they kept music as such a big part of the both of their lives. (I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have been the same without it.)  It was what brought them together in the movie and ultimately what kept them together. It helped make the story beautiful. Even my boyfriend enjoyed the music. He said that was one soundtrack he didn't mind me buying and listening to. He'll never understand the love Mia and I shared with classical (I play the flute if you didn't know...) music, but he does understand that music can connect even people that are opposites. Which is why he ended up liking the movie. He understood that even though their tastes were different, they were still very similar in some ways. 
     Lastly, all the acotrs were amazing.  played the hell out of Mia. It felt so raw and real. And just like everyone else, I was moved to tears by all that she went through. And each time she hit the floor or even just when she was playing, I was in TEARS. And then Jamie Blackley as Adam?... YES. So much YES. He fit the bill and the singing was so amazing. They played their characters so well, it was as if they were really in love and Adam was really asking her to fight. It was so emotional. I was a wreck in the theater. 
     But to be honest, that was my favorite part. The emotion. There were so many old people (like my mom's age and older... but don't say I called her old), some younger adults, some adults my age, and even some small children in there. It seemed that a lot of them had no idea it was based on a novel and that it was going to be so sad. All around the theater I heard sniffles and even a gasp out of someone else. (I promise it wasn't me!)  It made me happy to see that people were so engrossed in it. As for me, I was crying, but trying to do so silently. I couldn't even take a picture  afterwards because I did NOT want to be all over Instagram with a pink nose and a huge wad of tissues. 
     All that's left to say is 'Congrats on a job well done Gayle Forman.' You definitely deserve it! The movie, acting, and emotions were all phenomenal. I look forward to your new novel and really anything else you do. 
Overall, I give this


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